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Frequently Asked Questions:
Where Do I Meet My Limo At The Airport:
Things have changed a lot since 9-11. There was a time when the limo driver would meet you directly at the gate. However, now we ask that you call your driver when you land so he can direct you. He will remain in his vehicle in the commercial lane outside the lower level for security reasons. This means you will be able to meet your driver where the limo is, rather than standing at the gate looking for a sign with your name on it.
What If My Flight Is Delayed:
Delays happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Make sure when making your reservation to give the flight # and time you will land. If you find out the plane will be delayed, please call us if you able and give the new ETA. otherwise, we will track your flight ourselves.
Will My Luggage Fit:
Surprisingly, this is a question that very few people ask. Most just assume that their luggage will fit in the limo, but if you have a large suitcase, or possibly 10 suitcases, what do you do if it does not fit? Please let us know how much luggage you are carrying and how many passengers.